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“Power Quality is defined as an electrical set of boundaries, that allows a piece of equipment to function in its intended manner without significant loss of performance or life expectancy”.....

If we go by this definition, then the importance of power conditioning is profound and there exists an unlimited potential for power conditioning systems. Power Conditioning Solutions go a long way towards maximizing throughput in all lines of industries.

Powermatrix Solutions Pvt Ltd, (PMX) established in year 2000, is one of the only home grown reactive power compensation solutions companies providing one point solution for Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Filtering up to 33 kV. With the PMX – PQ simplified 4D methodology process - (Define-Diagnose-Design-Document), PMX has ensured zero product failure since 2012. Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2008 certified and our products for harmonic filtering provide complete compliance to IEEE 519-1992 norms for harmonic limits. Our products are CE certified.

PMX has installations in almost all sectors viz, Steel, Textile, Hospital, Reality, IT & ITES, Pharma, Cement, FMCG ,Hotels, Engg Industries, Paper, & Newsprint, totaling to over 5000 + installations over the last few years.

Established in the year 2000 Team PMX is an end to end solutions provider for a whole range of power quality problems specializing in reactive power compensation systems. Our activities embrace the entire product value chain, right from preliminary studies for root cause analysis to design, manufacturing, inspection, commissioning and all the way up to performance verification and after sales service for harmonic filtering and power factor correction solutions.

At the helm of PMX are a group of highly qualified technocrats, with overseas education and experience. Their extensive knowledge base and combined experience spanning over more than five decades has resulted in PMX providing the most effective and cost optimal reactive power compensation solutions.

The PMX team comprises of a young and dynamic engineers equipped with cutting edge power monitoring tools and complimented by powerful indigenously developed software tools.

With environmental friendly lay out and with state of the art equipments, the 40000 sq ft production facility designs & develops all critical core components such as capacitors, thyrirstor based switching modules, reactors, so as to have best in class product and post sales service .


  • @ PMX, we are an awesome team of professionals driven by the passion to design, manufacture and implement the best solutions for improving power quality.
  • Our cumulative experience spans more than 3 decades, specifically for harmonic filtering and power factor correction solutions

Sony Jacob : Founder & CEO.

  • Sony Jacob is the founder and currently serves as the CEO of Power Matrix Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  • As the founding member, Sony has worked in various capacities within the company.
  • Prior to becoming CEO, he held the position of Chief Marketing Officer for brand PMX.
  • Through Power Matrix Solutions Pvt Ltd, Sony has had several opportunities to develop and implement effective and cost optimized solutions in the field of Harmonic Filtering. Under his leadership, Team PMX has been able to develop itself as a reliable provider of harmonic filtering solutions in India and has grown from having 0 installations in India in 2002 to over 5000 systems installations in 2014
  • Sony's primary responsibility in his Current role as CEO is to increase the Global Footprint for PMX product solutions, both in India and Internationally.
  • On the product front, Team PMX would be constantly on the endeavor to increase the PQ Product Offerings, governed by its First Time Right Manufacturing Methodology & Fit & Forget Theme for ensuring Customer Delight.

Rajen Mehta : Co- Founder.

  • Rajen Mehta Co-founded Power Matrix Solutions Pvt Ltd with Sony Jacob.
  • Within PMX, Rajen held the position of the Chief Operating Officer, and his responsibilities included
    • Executing the projects on - time
    • Initiate and oversee the design , development and commercializing of new products as per the market requirement.
    • Rajen's current role within PMX is limited to review of the technology team for new product development and advising Sony on the key development projects.
    • Today, Rajen is CEO for Efficienergi Consulting Pvt Ltd.

  • K L Parekh

    Mr Parekh is a veteran in the Indian Power Quality Industry with a clear understanding of the electrical and magnetic concepts and their practical implications (limitations), A Professor by Karma. He has been guiding Team PMX in all their INNOVATION & IMPROVEMENT projects leading to better and improved Product Solutions from Team Power Matrix.

  • A T Bangale

    A prominent personality in the Electrical Consulting landscape in Maharashtra, Mr Bangale has helped PMX customize the offerings to exceed customer expectations with minimal customizations at site. His opinions about the probable what-if scenarios at Implementation Sites has trained our team to work on simulating such scenarios and optimize our offerings.


  • Over 5000 installations across verticals, pan India
  • Full load testing prior to dispatch.
  • Zero product solution failure since 2012
  • ISO 9001: 2008 certified organization

Power Matrix Solutions Pvt Ltd is a completely home grown company with all the critical components being manufactured in-house. Our single goal of a fully satisfied customer has led our drive for backward integration and therefore the setting up of the In house Reactor Mfg Setup, The TurboZipp TSM. The thyristor switching modules are unique in having the capability to adapt itself for balance load conditions and Unbalanced Load conditions as well. For the capacitors, PMX had tied up with a competent manufacturer to provide the capacitors as per the design specs laid out by our research team. Our confidence in the performance of our products can be witnessed in the 24 Month unconditional warranty that PMX offers.


Team PMX has all the required credentials to deliver projects of world class quality from here in India :

  • A cumulative PQ Project design, mfg. and implementation experience of more than 2 decades.
  • High end Power Analyzers and trained manpower for data collection.
  • Proprietary simulation software for understanding the effect of the proposed solutions @ designing stage to optimize the solution performance and hence ensure a FIT & FORGET experience for all our clients.
  • Well equipped and ultra-modern 14,000 sq ft. factory, with automatic machines in Bhiwandi, on the outskirts of Mumbai.
  • Proprietary FULL LOAD TESTING facility allows ON LOAD testing for all products being manufactured by PMX. ( This facility is unique to PMX)
  • Backward Integration for manufacturing all critical components at our own factory so as to have 100% control over the quality of components.
  • Software assisted quality management technology to remove human bias and human errors.
  • Well Trained and experienced personnel to assist our customers with a hassle free commissioning experience.


PMX Process

At PMX all enquiries are treated with a PQ simplified process, From the initial discussions, site survey, data collection through detailed engineering audits, data analysis, problem simplification, step by step approach, root cause enlistments to best in class, optimum techno-commercial product solution. Team designs, manufactures, tests, installs and commissions the systems with a proactive after sales service to ensure the desired goals of the corporate.

4D Methodology


Define-"A problem well put is half solved."
At Define stage, Team PMX understands the requirements and problems faced by the end user.


Diagnose-"Diagnose is not the end, but the beginning of practice."
At Diagnose Stage, Team PMX understand the load type and carry out a power quality study to capture the system data of the end user.


Design-"Design is not just a solution, it is the elimination of the problem."
At Design stage, with the help of collected data Team PMX comes out with a suitable solution to achieve agreed results of Power Factor and Harmonics.


Document-"A better result is analyzed when compared with the previous once"
At Document Stage, Team PMX does the mapping of complete process i.e. pre and post installation facts.

PMX Product Basket

Power Quality (PQ) and Harmonic Studies

Component solutions  

  • + Regulators

    Best in Class Controllers for Automatic Power Factor Correction.
    Steps - 1 Step (Min), 24 Step (Max).
    Auto SETUPM.
    Displays V, I, PF, ITHD, VTHD.
    17 Alarm for diagnostic monitoring.

  • + TurboZipp TSM

    Robust & indigenous Thyristor switching module
    Zero crossover switching
    Transient free switching
    Response – 20ms to 1 s
    Built in micro-controller for PQ monitoring and advance protection
    Standard voltage – 400 / 440 V, others available on request

  • + Reactors

    Robust and indigenous design
    Tunned / Detunned / Double tunned / Broadband versions available
    Class F insulation
    Linearity -1.7 to 2.0

  • + maxCap Capacitors

    APP and MPP
    440 / 480/ 525 V standard, others on request
    Extremely high transient voltage withstand capability
    Extremely high current handling capacity

LV APFC Solutions  

  • Contractor / Thyristor based APFC solution for low voltage.
  • Models - LTM & HTM.
  • Capacitors - APP / MPP.
  • Response Time- 20 - 40 mS for maxVarTy. 1 - 180 s for maxVar.
  • Modular design, Single panel rating -25 to 1200 KVAR
  • Built under the “ Fit & Forget “ PMX manufacturing philosophy
  • 24 month unconditional warranty

Harmonic Filtering  

PMX team can design, implement and guarantee mutually agreed results, using either passive, active technology or a combination of both (Hybrid)

+ Passive Harmonic Filters
+ Active Harmonic Filters
+ Hybrid Harmonic Filters

MV Solutions  

  • Fixed / Automatic Compensation.
  • Installations completed for 3.3 KV/6.6KV/11 KV/22 KV and 33 KV.
  • Capacitor Arrangement - Delta/Star/Double Star.
  • Series Reactor - 0.2% or 6%.
  • Series Reactor Air Core/Air Cooled Iron Core/Oil Cooled Iron Core.
  • Switching - Vacuum Contactor/ Vacuum Circuit Breaker.
  • Installation - Indoor/Outdoor.

Customised Solutions  

Tailor made power quality solutions for diverse areas such as low impedance earthling derivatives, voltage regulation; EMI/RF filters eliminate almost all power line disturbances known to affect industrial equipment.

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